Anaphylaxis & Adrenaline Auto-Injector (Epi-pen) Training Course

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There are a growing number of people in the UK who suffer with life threatening allergies (anaphylaxis) to a wide variety of substances . This is particularly relevant to the food industry and to those working with children, either in their own homes as childminders, or in pre-schools, nurseries and schools.

This 3 hour practical course is suitable for anyone who works in an environment where an anaphylactic reaction or anaphylactic shock may occur. It is intended to help the student gain a greater awareness of the causes and recognition of an anaphylactic reaction as well as the treatment and management of such a situation. It includes the use of Epi-pen®, Anapen® .

The course covers the following elements:

Aims of First Aid

  • Aims of First Aid
  • Dealing with Emergencies
  • The Responsibility of a first aider

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Practical session

  • caring for adults
  • caring for children

AED Demonstration Session

  • Demonstration of the use of an AED (Automated External Defibrillation) device

Recovery Position Practical Session

  • Care of an Unconscious Casualty
  • Recovery Position demonstration and practice

Anaphylactic Shock

  • Definition
  • Description of Body's response to an allergen
  • Causes & prevalence
  • Signs & symptoms - recognition of the condition
  • Treatment
  • Explanation of the use of Epi-pen®, Anapen® and Jext® Adrenaline Auto-injector devices, including who can use them, under what circumstances, how are they administered and the legal implications of doing so
  • Practice using Epi-pen®, Anapen® and Jext® Adrenaline Auto-injector training devices
  • Complications- possible need for CPR as casualties may stop breathing
  • Questions and answers

Additional First Aid content

  • Choking - Treatment of a Choking casualty


In-House (up to 12 delegates)

£200.00 + VAT (2 courses run back to back on same day £300.00 + VAT)

Individual (At our venue)

£35.00 +VAT