Safer Moving & Positioning of People

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This full day course is designed to equip delegates with the knowledge and skills to safely carry out Moving and Positioning of People and or children with restricted mobility whilst taking into consideration the diverse understanding needed when assisting and supporting individuals. This course is aimed at anyone who completes Moving and Positioning tasks and activities within their workplace including Doctors, Nurses, Support Workers and People involved within the Health and Social Care Industry. As with all Dynamic First Aid Ltd courses, each course is bespoke to your industry type and adjustable according to each client's individual needs, making it more specific and relevant to your staff.


The Moving and Handling of People/Children covers both theoretical and practical elements. Delegates receive advice and guidance on Best Practice methods, Emergency Handling and Manual Handling based around Person Centred Planning

We incorporate equipment training as standard and are happy to train using our own equipment or the equipment you have on site.

Our equipment and training includes the safe and correct use of:

  • Hoist and Sling (varying types and brands including tracking & mobile)
  • Handling Sling
  • Wheelchair
  • Handling Belt
  • Slide Sheet
  • Fisherman’s Friend
  • Walking Frame
  • Limb Lifter
  • Transfer Board (Banana Board)

Course Content:

  • Health and Safety at Work
  • Cost of Patient Moving and Handling Injuries
  • Accident Reporting
  • Safe Moving and Handling of People
  • People Handling Theory
  • Safe Moving and Handling of People
  • People Handling Theory
  • Manual Handling Regulations
  • Back Injuries and Body Structure
  • Patient Handling Risk Assessment
  • People Handling Practical Skills (Current Best Practice)
    • get in or out of bed
    • turning in bed
    • sit up in bed
    • bathe (on-site only)
    • shower (on-site only)
    • use the toilet (on-site only)
    • assisted sit
    • assisted stand
    • assisted walking
    • assisted dressing
    • get up from the floor after a fall
    • get in and out of a vehicle
    • correct use of wheelchair
    • mobility test


Certification is dependent upon successful continuous assessment, there is no final examination. Those delegates who complete the course, and are deemed to have reached the required standard, are awarded a certificate which is valid for three years.


In-House (for up to 12 delegates)
£350.00 + VAT

Our training room in Needham Market (AGA Mobility)

£50.00 + VAT per person (non accredited)